Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 steps to fake your Facebook location

As a Facebook user, you must be knowing that there is a map that is displayed on your timeline which will show where exactly you are on the earth. It is a good option to know others that you have visited so and so place. What if for some other reason of yours , want to show some other destination other than your real one that you are presently staying in. There may be many reasons to do so. In that case, there is an excellent tip that will fake your Facebook location on the map displayed for your readers.

  1. A Firefox add on , Geolocator, works great with this trick.
  2. Then also download User Agent Switcher add-on .If you are using Firefox then simply download the add-on. 
  3. Run Geolocator from the Tools menu and add a new Fake location you want. 
  4. Also, Run User Agent Switcher , from the Tools menu which works for iPhone or any smartphone.
  5. Then log in to http://touch.facebook.com and check in . A prompt will popup asking you to select your location that you have just created. Select that option and finish the steps. That's it. 

There is an app called, "Fake Location for Facebook and Twitter for free" for iPhone and iPad. You will get this in the post linked here. Download Fake Location for Facebook and Twitter for free.

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