Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top and Updated list of social media sites today

2013- This is the year for social networking and being social online. We all love to be social and like to get connected with our friends and relatives online.

Many of us know how to update in Facebook and Twitter. Let us extend this to many more social media sites that are available online currently. There are many who have not explored many sites that will be useful to share your thoughts and for businessmen they may turn into more profits.

Spreading your information to many is not bad. I feel so glad to share this information with my visitors.

Lets explore some hot and trending, updated list of social networking sites.


 All the above are social networking sites which can be used for getting connected socially online. 


It would be interesting to see how long it took to come up with the designs of the logos and how much money was invested into each social site. If anyone could post that information I think it would make for great conversation.

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